Session Seven - Roundtable discussion: The Meaning of Gaza: History Reconsidered in Times of Catastrophe

Karma Nabulsi, Saleh Abdel-Jawad, Gilbert Achcar, Norman Finkelstein, Ilan Pappe

Session Six: Forces of Counter-Resistance: The (Still) Unvanquished Enemies of


Chair: Sami Ramadani

Moshe Machover (Kings College, London)

The long-term strategy of Zionist Colonisation

Seumas Milne (The Guardian)

The Role of Imperialism in the Palestine Tragedy

Gilbert Achcar (School of Oriental and African Studies)

Collusions and Illusions: Arab States and Palestinian Liberation

Laleh Khalili (School of Oriental and African Studies)

The Location of Palestine in Global Counterinsurgencies

Session Four: History of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement

Chair: Gilbert Achcar (School of Oriental and African Studies)

Bashir Abu Manneh (Barnard College, New York)

Problems of Palestinian Liberation

Fadle Naqib (University of Waterloo)

The Economic Orientation of the Palestinian National Movement

Roger Heacock (Birzeit University)

Stones, Bullets, Ballots: Intifada, An Unfinished Drama in Several Acts

Khaled Hroub (University of Cambridge)

The Decline of Secular Nationalism and the Rise of Political Islam

Session Three: Cultural Resistance

Chair: Bashir Abu-Manneh (Barnard College, New York)

Salwa Mikdadi (Curator and Publisher)

Creative Uprising – Palestinian Artists Alternative Strategies of Resistance

Suleiman Mansour (Artist)

Artists in the Time of Revolution: Demands, Tensions, Contradictions

Sinan Antoon (New York University)

Darwish and the Poetics of Resistance            

Session Two: The Challenge of Sources and the Persistence of Myth

Chair: Ilan Pappe (University of Exeter)

Saleh Abdel-Jawad (Birzeit University)

The Credibility and Limits of Refugee Oral Testimonies

Isabelle Humphries (University of Surrey)

Reading from a Different Archive: Alternative History and Palestinian

Internally Displaced of the Galilee

Norman Finkelstein (independent researcher)

The June 1967 War:  What Bestsellers Proclaim, What Scholarship and the

Documentary Record Show

Session Five: Social and Economic History of Palestinian Resistance

Chair: Roger Heacock (Birzeit University)

Musa Budeiri (Birzeit University)

What Would a Class Analysis of Palestinian history Conclude about

Possibilities of Palestinian Resistance?

Penny Johnson (Birzeit University)

"The Big Ones Can Do Nothing": Reflections on the Histories of Women's

Struggles for Family, Community and Nation in the Lens of the Palestinian


Ahmad Sa'di (Ben Gurion University)

Resisting to Survive: The Palestinians in Israel During the First Two Decades

Lori Allen (University of Cambridge)

Fatah and Hamas: Corruption and Political Ethics in Palestine

Session One: Memory, Erasure, and the Search for Palestinian History

Chair: John Chalcraft (London School of Economics)

Karma Nabulsi (University of Oxford)

Resistance History from Below and the Collective Retrieval of Memory:

Towards a New Historiography

Ilan Pappe (University of Exeter)

The Struggle Over Memory: the Future Agenda

Randa Farah (University of Western Ontario)

Palestinian Refugees and their Oral Histories: History's silence,Memory's Burden

The Nakba: Sixty Years of Dispossession,

Sixty Years of Resistance

Keynote: Walid Khalidi (Co-founder of the Institute of Palestine Studies)

From 1947 to 1897: From Partition to Basle